[maemo-community] Post-election and Summer(north)-Winter(south) device program

From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 25 11:09:30 EEST 2012
COBS people are X-Fade, javispedro, timoph, lbt (to some extent).  I
suggest joining their meeting rather than asking them to check in with
available times for a new meeting.

On community awards, there is a history of council awarding themselves
maemo conference sponsorships, etc.  I don't see device awards as much
different (except that device should not be given to somebody who already
has one).  QGil has already indicated on the forum I believe that the
community can decide how to do community awards.

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 2:51 PM, Piotr Jawidzyk <twilight312 at gmail.com>wrote:

> I would like to personally thank everyone participating in Council
> election - people voting, candidates, and, finally, elected
> Councilors.
> Especially thanks for people involving in starting voting - thanks for
> help X-Fade, Qgil and others!
> ---
> Now, as 6 months isn't long period, and we have *much* work to do,
> I'll go straight to merit:
> 1. I would like organize Council meeting (IRC) with people that are
> working on COBS, during next week. Generally, 18 UTC and later was
> proposed during working days. Dear COBS volunteers, could You write
> about Your availability, so we could choose best time&date? Also, I
> would like to make contact list of people working on COBS
> (independently from meeting).
> 2. Qgil - as one of device seeding category is to be organized by
> Council (community Awards), I got some questions:
> a) How much devices we can have available for Community Awards? As
> it's one of four categories, and You've written about 40 N950's and 60
> N9's, I though about 10 N950's and 15 N9's.
> Honestly, amount is quite low - especially, considering that it's
> first time we're going to have Community Awards (would refer to it as
> CA), while things like Coding Competition happen every year. If it's
> possible to submit more devices to Community Awards (either additional
> devices, or moving them from QT5/Nokia Store), it would help for sure,
> as there are many people deserving it. Something like 15 N950's and 20
> N9's would be sufficient, IMO.
> Of course, if it's not possible, we're still thankful for having
> devices at all :)
> b) Few weeks ago, I've asked about situation, when Councilor (or
> candidate for Council) is going to submit for device from CA program,
> while Council is body that choose winners. It was meet with positive
> reply from mailing list - generally, there was no problem with it -
> some, as timoph, suggested that Council members should receive device,
> because they've contributed much already (or they wouldn't be
> choosen). Other suggested, that it's absolutely ok to submit for
> device, but such councilor should not take part in deciding who will
> get device.
> While Council appreciate what timoph said, way with Councilors
> applying for devices being out of deciding winners sounds most
> reasonable for Council. Ho ever, it seems thatn 4/5 of current Council
> will apply for device (Woody isn't going to submit)
> Current Council proposition to workaround this "problem", is that
> Woody *and* Council chair will decide about CA winners (while Council
> chair also apply for device - we will choose chair tomorrow). Is it ok
> with You, qgil? After all, you're providing devices ;)
> /Estel
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