[maemo-community] Up for Q1 2015 Maemo Council membership

From: juice juice at swagman.org
Date: Thu Dec 11 21:29:37 UTC 2014
So I might step forward then.

My introduction:

Hi, I am juiceme and I am running for Maemo Community Council again.

Many of you might already know that I have been Maemo Council member two 
consecutive periods. Again, I thought hard about stepping forward for 
re-election, but I might still have something to give for the community, 
even as I'd like to see new people join up.
I do have lots of other obligations currently so my time is pressed but 
being in the Council is such a fun that I decided to run for it again.

My spark into joining maemo.org came when I purchased a N9 device, my 
first linux-based mobile phone. Previously I had owned Symbian devices 
since early nineties but I never did any SWDEV on those as my interests 
were on big iron. N9 was the first small embedded device that had the 
same tools I was used to working with so naturally I was delighted on 
the possibilities it offered.

I am ever so sad that I have not had the honour of ever owning a N900 
device, but I have ordered Neo900 on hopes that it will suit my needs :)

My current daily driver is the Jolla device (I got mine on the very 
Launching Gala last november, it's the device #240 )
Also I am looking forward to getting my TOHKBD2 for it, that cannot 
happen soon enough since a HW keyboard is truly what makes or breaks a 

I have degrees in EE & ME, and some university courses in Math before 
dropping out due to having not enough time to do family/work/university 
My current occupation is in SW development for Telecommunication Systems 
at Nokia. (This is the real Nokia I am talking about, nothing to do with 
Microsoft) Previously I have done RF design, HW design and Test System 
design. I have worked in this industry for about 2 decades.

My passion is Free Software, Libre software even, and I am known to be 
fairly vocal FS advocate on my workplace. I use exclusively Linux/Unix 
variants in my work and on my own time, and am known for pestering 
people to drop proprietary/legacy OS'es and switch to Linux.

My SW skills include c, python, test automation and tool creation. I 
like kernel work and prefer to use console over any GUI's. Usually my 
first take at anything is to write a bash script

    - Juice -

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