[maemo-community] Accepting Nomination for Council Election

From: William McBee perish.spam at gmail.com
Date: Sat Dec 13 00:26:55 UTC 2014

I’m announcing my acceptance of being nominated for the council election.

I’ll add my introduction to the wiki; however it is as follows:

I’m William McBee, however most here know me by my Internet nickname of “gerbick”. That’s a nickname I’ve had online since 1995, so at times I’ll answer to that name first. I’ve been a: programmer/developer, designer, project manager, business owner, but most importantly a technology lover for over 20 years and a portfolio that includes Fortune 400 companies to startups and a lot in-between over the years. But most importantly, I’m a technology lover that truly believes in the meritocracy of open source projects which lead me to my Nokia 770 and ITT/TMO so many years ago.  

If I’m elected, I will do my best to support this community that’s supported and educated me for the last 7+ years.  Thanks.

William McBee
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