[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] newbie introducing himself and asking for help

From: Daniel Monteiro junkybox2002 at yahoo.com.br
Date: Fri May 27 19:36:45 EEST 2005
Hi folks,
I´ve just discovered Maemo and N770 (Actually, a few days ago).
I´ve been a Nokia Series 60 developer for about a year, but the idea of 
using a windows host-machine didn´t made me very happy, so I see the 
N770 as a new hope for the portable open source community.

Now, to my question:
I saw a few sources from the SDK tutorial, I found it quite simple to 
learn (unlike Symbian Series 60 , wich took me 6 months to learn). So my 
plan is:

I want to create a 3D game engine , optmized for the 770, so it can play 
with my PC 3D engine, my Series 60 engine and a Series 40 I want to 
create (actually, it already exist, I will only port it). I will make it 
all open source.
My plan is to make all these engines capable of playing togheter online.

First, I must learn how to code for Maemo ;-)

And finally to the question:
what is the roadmap? I saw about 3 roadmaps for installing the SDK, and 
this got me confused. I´m using Debian-BR (a brazillian portuguese port 
of debian).

sorry if I didnt make my self clear,but my english isn´t very good.
I hope someone here get interested in my work. I want people to help-me

thanks in advance

Daniel "NeoStrider" Monteiro

PS: I guess I can also help translation the documentation of it all to 
portuguese (i did it for Simple DirectMedia Layers and some Series 60 
tutorials from NewLC.com, in order to learn it). this kind of help is 

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