[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Tutorial: Maemo_Dev_Platform_RS_v1.0.tgz and sapwood-server

From: Olivier Bornet Olivier.Bornet at puck.ch
Date: Sun May 29 19:09:00 EEST 2005
Hi all,

> In fact the installation steps from the tutorial seemed to be going so
> smoothly that I was shocked when "af-sb-init.sh start" threw errors.

I have had the same kind of problem. This was because my X server was
configured with depth at 24. Setting is down to 16 and all run OK.

It will be great to be able to use maemo with a depth of 24, even if it
runs at 16. Can we do this ?

(It would be great to have a wiki for maemo for putting informations
like this in it. Hope this will come soon as mentionned in the past on
the maemo lists).

Good day.

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