[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Abuse on the ApplicationCatalog page

From: Ted Teah me at tedteah.org
Date: Wed Apr 5 13:26:01 EEST 2006
In response 

While it is debatable if software that does not run on the 770 should be
included on this page, the text that introduces this page doesn't state 
this one way or the other.  In fact, this is a maemo application
catalog, not a 770 application catalog.  

Maemo is a development platform.  The applications on the the
application page are not development tools.  This leads to the notion
that the programs supposed to run on a maemo based platform.

In addition, the person who removed the software claims that it
"violates the licensing of at least ffmpeg", but no proof is offered,
and even if such proof existed, I'm not sure if it's relevant here.

If you download the trial and extract the software in the installer run
stings | grep copyright on the dll's and you will see results for HP,
reference to the GPL and ffmpeg.  For any one this is to complex for I
will send you the results of these commands.  I don't think that maemo
should encourage the violation of the license which is the foundation
for the FOSS world.    

Since this particular software is related to the 770, and I suspect that
770 users would find it useful, I think that it makes sense that the
software should be permitted on the page.  

You have now contradicted what you said in the first paragraph.  You
said the software is related to the 770, while before you made a point
that the applications were for maemo.  If the standard is software that
a user would find useful, then you are opening the door wide to what
software should be included.  Why not include the java media converter
that someone made, any icecast server, gnump3d, avidemux, mencoder, orb,
macromedia flash studio, realplayer/helix, and so forth.

The Application Catalog page is one of the main places that 770 users
visit to learn about 770-related software, and if Nokia Media Studio
cannot be listed here, I don't think there is another appropriate

You might not have noticed that http://www.internettablettalk.com/
regular lists proprietary applications.

Also, by allowing anyone to arbitrarily remove applications from this
page, this may result in fewer commercial software entries.  Maybe some
individuals expect all 3rd-party software for the device to be free and
open, but this isn't necessarily appropriate for all software.

While it is fine if software is not free and open I think it should 1)
run on the maemo based nokia 770 and 2) should not exhibit rent seeking
behavior by violating licenseors and copyright law.


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