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From: Michael Saunby mike2005 at saunby.net
Date: Wed Apr 12 21:18:22 EEST 2006
I don't know about JFFS2 but back in the old days before Linux yuo 
could be pretty sure that a Unix filesystem didn't waste space storing 
null bytes.   Wtmp and other system files (databases?) take advantage 
of this.

Now you've made me aware of this I've deleted /var/log/wtmp.  I doubt 
it was using as much storage as you suggest but if I'd really been 
thinking I'd have done a df before and after - maybe someone else 

There's no need to link it to anything.  If the file isn't there, then 
logging is turned off - at least that's what should happen.


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> Hi!
> I thought I should let you know...
> I am not sure if I really found any cure to anything but after the
> latest discussions about the size of wtmp I checked mine on the 770 
> and
> found a more than 200MB file!
> After gzip'ping it it shrank to just 5MB because it contains almost 
> only
> 0s. But there must be the information for 200MB stored somewhere in 
> the
> JFFS2 so I guess that even if it only has 5MB as a comporessed file 
> the
> impact on a JFFS2 can be much worse.
> So I enabled the R&D mode, became root and linked /var/log/wtmp to
> /dev/null (who cares for this wtmp on the 770 anyway?).
> Before I did this I saw more and more weird phenomena on the device,
> like crashing browser and spurious power-offs when case closed 
> (almost
> 100% battery, closed device one night, next morning it was powered 
> off
> and had to be rebooted!).
> Now after I zapped wtmp I have the feeling (!) that it behaves much
> better again! I can browse pages that before did not work and I hope
> that the power-downs are history now too (for the last three days 
> they
> are but you never know).
> Maybe someone else likes to try to this too and report his/her
> experience here.
> Probably wtmp should be linked to /dev/null in the next software 
> release
> too.
> BTW: With every closure of the case the wtmp grows by about 3kB. You 
> can
> estimate with your usage how big it will get...
> Cheers
>  nils faerber
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