[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Zapped wtmp...

From: Santeri Lindgren forge at olen.to
Date: Wed Apr 12 22:49:35 EEST 2006
Michael Saunby wrote:
> I don't know about JFFS2 but back in the old days before Linux yuo could 
> be pretty sure that a Unix filesystem didn't waste space storing null 
> bytes.   Wtmp and other system files (databases?) take advantage of this.
> Now you've made me aware of this I've deleted /var/log/wtmp.  I doubt it 
> was using as much storage as you suggest but if I'd really been thinking 
> I'd have done a df before and after - maybe someone else will.
> There's no need to link it to anything.  If the file isn't there, then 
> logging is turned off - at least that's what should happen.

Wrong, this just deletes everything that is stored prior to this. And 
no, what you assume is wrong. Of course the log files should be 
erasable, and if user deletes the log file, then the system should just 
start making a new one.

Creating the log file if it's not there is the right thing. and turning 
off the logging should be done via config file.

And, my wtmp file was 96.5MB, will be posting if the linking helped 
anything. And yes, i have too found that the system is more sluggish 
than in the beginning of use. Even enabling swap-space on the mmc dont 
have any help anymore.

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