[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] kismet on n700

From: Paulo Pires pjpires at gmail.com
Date: Sat Aug 5 19:08:13 EEST 2006
Hi list.

This is my first experience with the maemo framework so please accept my
preceding apologize to any non-sense I might write.
So I'm looking forward to get kismet running on n770. Here are the main
guidelines I pretend to follow:

1 - Kismet is being rewritten (branch: newcore), so I want to get it from
there since now there is a design behind it;
2 - Check CX3110x driver and find out why it returns so many junk data
(reference: Samuel Ortiz, (former/current??) Nokia employee which, AFAIK,
worked on this driver);
3 - Create a simple UI based on the Hildon toolkit which can be extended
(plugin-style) in the future to support graphs, gpsd/mapper integration,
whatever you saw fit, etc.

I know there is already a (buggy) port available on ApplicationCatalogWip,
but for now I'm trying to gather as much info I can get on this so please
tell me your opinion, comments, suggestions, flames, and whatever you may
find important to this task. If you prefer I can be reached at freenode IRC
network by the nick ppires.

One small note: I don't possess a n700 device, so I'll appreciate a lot
scratchbox oriented tips :-D.

The existant port -
My idea is based on -
Driver monitor mode discussion -
n770 networking hardware -

Hope to read from you,
Paulo Pires
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