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From: vern vern at riseup.net
Date: Wed Aug 30 22:26:35 EEST 2006
[Obs: I think the correct list for this to go to would be 
maemo-community but since that is not an option  on 
http://www.maemo.org/community/mailing-lists.html I am posting here]
[Obs2: This is intended as constructive criticism. Any other inference 
was not my intent]

Creating a strong and vibrant community around the 770 would be good for 
everyone,right. Compared to some other 'corporate' efforts 
http://port25.technet.com/default.aspx (Anonymous comments have been 
disabled due to feedback from site visitors) ;), Nokia are doing OK . 
Compared to the community effort around Ubuntu , Nokia are doing really 

This is because at the start of its 'openness', Nokia lacked an 
understanding of OSS hackers.
To a big business the bottom line is profit and control. If you have 
control of your products,teams and users you can invest in the latest 
technology and be relevant. Any kind of strategy is usually product 
and/or accounts orientated, which means input from development, 
financing and marketing departments.
As such the frescuras (sorry , there is no English word for this), make 
up and feelings of a wide ranging group of OSS Hackers, came way down 
the list of priorities.

This needs to change. Some good things to think about, I think,  would be:

Moving away from the 'working on the product (which is hidden under a 
sheet in warehouse 2) which we roll out to the community on 
{insert_date}'  for contributions type of OSS development that still 
happens at Nokia .
Make us (the community) feel that suggestions/criticism's are listened 
to and *acted* on if necessary.
Where is the user submitted artwork,themes. I submit my artwork where?
The planet http://planet.maemo.org/ needs some love and attention to say 
the least
When doing anything concerning Nokia and Open Source ask ->
Why should the community get excited about this, write quality code for 
it , blog about it and work insanely long hours (for free) doing so
(these ideas are lifted directly from Ubuntu)
Create a Community Council which governs the evolution of the community
Create a Code of Conduct which covers the behaviour from community 
members in any kind of communication, electronic or in real life


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