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From: Paulo Pires pjpires at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 30 23:45:14 EEST 2006

Ubuntu took time to get where it is and it was heavily funded as it is
today. I believe Nokia 770 will get much further (comparing to its current
state) with time too. Ok, things are not as OPEN as some of us expected but
I see a lot of good will and a great effort in order to get things alive and

One thing is for sure, for costumers Nokia 770 will have a longer and
heathier life than usual internet tablets/PDAs cause it's a great tool which
is getting richer as the time goes by. For OSS hackers, that's another story
which only time will solve.. but with good opinions/suggestions/critics, and
not flame wars, right? ;-)

-Paulo Pires

On 8/30/06, vern <vern at riseup.net> wrote:
> Ola,
> [Obs: I think the correct list for this to go to would be
> maemo-community but since that is not an option  on
> http://www.maemo.org/community/mailing-lists.html I am posting here]
> [Obs2: This is intended as constructive criticism. Any other inference
> was not my intent]
> Creating a strong and vibrant community around the 770 would be good for
> everyone,right. Compared to some other 'corporate' efforts
> http://port25.technet.com/default.aspx (Anonymous comments have been
> disabled due to feedback from site visitors) ;), Nokia are doing OK .
> Compared to the community effort around Ubuntu , Nokia are doing really
> badly.
> This is because at the start of its 'openness', Nokia lacked an
> understanding of OSS hackers.
> To a big business the bottom line is profit and control. If you have
> control of your products,teams and users you can invest in the latest
> technology and be relevant. Any kind of strategy is usually product
> and/or accounts orientated, which means input from development,
> financing and marketing departments.
> As such the frescuras (sorry , there is no English word for this), make
> up and feelings of a wide ranging group of OSS Hackers, came way down
> the list of priorities.
> This needs to change. Some good things to think about, I think,  would be:
> Moving away from the 'working on the product (which is hidden under a
> sheet in warehouse 2) which we roll out to the community on
> {insert_date}'  for contributions type of OSS development that still
> happens at Nokia .
> Make us (the community) feel that suggestions/criticism's are listened
> to and *acted* on if necessary.
> Where is the user submitted artwork,themes. I submit my artwork where?
> The planet http://planet.maemo.org/ needs some love and attention to say
> the least
> When doing anything concerning Nokia and Open Source ask ->
> Why should the community get excited about this, write quality code for
> it , blog about it and work insanely long hours (for free) doing so
> (these ideas are lifted directly from Ubuntu)
> Create a Community Council which governs the evolution of the community
> Create a Code of Conduct which covers the behaviour from community
> members in any kind of communication, electronic or in real life
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