[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] upgrading base packages from third party repositories

From: Martin Grimme mgrimme at online.de
Date: Wed Dec 6 22:19:33 EET 2006
Michael Wiktowy schrieb:
> On 12/6/06, Martin Grimme <mgrimme at online.de> wrote:
>> But don't rate the renamed Ogg files in Canola (via the stars) because
>> Canola thinks this is an mp3 and will destroy the Ogg by writing ID3
>> tags.
> You have tried this? I always thought that this rating info (similar
> to that found in Rhythmbox and Winamp) was stored in an external DB.
> If it is stored in the ID3 tags, is it a standard thing that will work
> across players?

All I know for sure is that rating an Ogg file with Canola corrupts
the Ogg file. But when I write-protect the file, Canola still
lets me rate it. So maybe Canola stores the rating in its DB and
if possible writes an ID3 tag. Maybe somebody from the Canola
team can shed some light on it. :)


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