[maemo-developers] [maemo-users] Re: [maemo-developers] Canola: other apps won't start

From: Ted Zlatanov tzz at bu.edu
Date: Thu Dec 7 01:08:59 EET 2006
On  6 Dec 2006, handful at gmail.com wrote:

> Everything has a price, and to be able to give users the experience
> that we planned of course we will need more resources than the
> usual.

Sure, I wasn't complaining, just stating my experience.

> But even with that said, we worked hard this week to really improve
> this. But again: you're in the developers list so you know the device
> limitations. We already cut the cpu usage in more than 50% but if you
> need to draw smooth graphic movements, no way you can do this (like
> pixel by pixel scrolling text) without using more cpu than a static
> gtk application.

Yes.  Canola definitely pushed the 770's limits.  It reminds me a lot
of applications on the Amiga, actually--same kind of dynamic "fun"
feel to all the Canola interface elements.  This is a good thing :)


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