[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] scratchbox2

From: Lauri Leukkunen lle at rahina.org
Date: Wed Dec 27 03:09:46 EET 2006

As a general FYI to anyone who's using Scratchbox and thinks it's 
a bloated steaming pile of sauerkraut, I hereby announce the availability
of something infinitely better: Scratchbox2!! :)

There's no actual release yet, but the git version of sb2 is pretty good
for developers who want to give it a spin. It requires some understanding
of SB1 toolchains, but nothing outrageous.

OK, fine. So what's so great about SB2? 

It's small. Really small. It takes 4,9 seconds to build it on my box. 
Unstripped, it takes 4MB of disk space. statically linked unstripped
qemu-arm takes 1.6MB of that.

It doesn't need a chroot. It doesn't need Debian. It doesn't need root access
or the binfmt_misc thing of SB1. There are no bind mounts waiting to bite you
in the arse when you're not looking. It uses your host system's
tools. It can use any toolchain (well, not at the moment, but it will, I

And surprisingly, it actually seems to work. I've built dozens of autotools
using packages with it. I've no idea if the maemo stuff works with it at 
the moment, but maybe that's something for you to find out?

You can get sb2 from http://rahina.org/sb2.


PS. As usual, there are absolutely no guarantees that sb2 won't eat your hard
drive or do other unprecedented acts of evil. But it's pretty unlikely. If
you want to play really safe, create a new user account for testing it.

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