[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] automatic cache erase at update in RSS reader

From: Santtu Lakkala inz at inz.fi
Date: Wed Dec 27 08:34:29 EET 2006
Erick Lavoie wrote:
>    I'm new to the list.  I would like to add an option to prevent
> caching for some entries or erase the cache during an update in the
> default RSS reader.  Do I have access to the source code and where
> should I contribute?

The sources for all (L)GPL software on the device are available at
maemo.org[1], and Koen has made them available[2] separately, so you
don't need to download them all at once.

There's no (at least public) project for the rss reader, but as the code
is GPL, you can start your own as long as you keep the source available.

[1]: http://maemo.org/downloads/IT_source.php
[2]: http://linuxtogo.org/~koen/maemo/unpacked/

Santtu Lakkala

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