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From: Jeremy Mcnicoll jeremymc at gmail.com
Date: Mon May 8 00:41:05 EEST 2006
I installed all the necessary files for working with GStreamer from here:

It is possible to run

# gst-launch-0.8 filesrc
location=/home/user/MyDocs/.videos/IceAge2_trailer.avi ! avidemux ! {queue !
ffmpeg_mpeg4 ! sdlvideosink }

and the video plays just fine.

But I would like to be able to play this using some other the dsp sinks that
are on this machine. Like any one of these,

 gst-inspect-0.8 | grep 'sink'
gnomevfs:  gnomevfssink: GnomeVFS Sink
sdlvideosink:  sdlvideosink: Video sink
video4linux:  v4lmjpegsink: Video (video4linux/MJPEG) sink
debug:  testsink: gsttestsink
udp:  udpsink: UDP packet sender
tcp:  tcpsink: TCP packet sender
tcp:  tcpclientsink: TCP Client sink
tcp:  tcpserversink: TCP Server sink
tcp:  multifdsink: MultiFd sink
gstmultifilesink:  multifilesink: Multiple File Sink
gstelements:  fakesink: Fake Sink
gstelements:  fdsink: Filedescriptor Sink
gstelements:  filesink: File Sink
gstelements:  md5sink: MD5 Sink
alsa:  alsasink: Alsa Sink
dspaac:  dspaacsink: DSP AAC Sink
dsppcm:  dsppcmsink: DSP PCM Sink
dspmpeg4sink:  dspmpeg4sink: DSP MPEG4/H.263 Sink
dspfbsink:  dspfbsink: DSP FB Sink
dspamr:  dspamrsink: DSP AMR Sink
ossaudio:  osssink: Audio Sink (OSS)
dspmp3:  dspmp3sink: DSP MP3 Sink

So the question is how do I use the dspmpeg4sink ?
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