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From: DJL djl at ukr.net
Date: Wed May 10 10:05:01 EEST 2006
Dear sirs

I would like to share our experience developing application with python 
under Nokia 770
We a small company in Ukraine developing software for the container 
maritime biz our main product is ICLOG
that manage a container line agency from container logistics and 
booking, customer management to invoicing and financial
 From the beginning of last year it was needed to develop an application 
for the officers working at port terminal under PDA
that help minimize the data time entry and synchronize with the main 
application, so we have began by acquiring an HP  PDA (windows CE) after 
a year of dev we have seen that our product is not usable memory 
insufficient and much other problems.
We were faced with the fact that our product under this platform failed.
In November/December we  have  ordered a Nokia 770 for dev. , we 
received it in January a one month of development under python and gtk 
was sufficient to have a working copy of the software.
We are very  exited that our product is working well , in this moment we 
are in production testing stage.

Thanks to Nokia to have released a great product.

Our hope that Nokia will also envisage a release of  a rugged version of 
Nokia 770 that can work till temperature -20 deg for industrial purposes.

Best regards
Djebran Lezzoum

Ian wrote:
> disse  --> Daniel d'Andrada Tenório de Carvalho
> originais -> - A comprehensive "how to" on Python development for Maemo platform.
> cool, maybe this will help too.
> http://colecoes.inpa.gov.br/sb/ian/python_on_the_770/python_intro.html
> It is basically a 'scratchpad' rewording of some of the other python tutorials I found lying about
> on the web such as http://www.teemuharju.net/2006/01/26/coding-for-nokia-770-using-python-part-1/
> I made it to help me as I was going along learning python on the 770 and maybe it is of some use
> to someone else too.
> []'s
> Ian

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