[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] ssh key failure

From: Christine Liu liuliuliu at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 19 20:11:22 EEST 2006
i discovered what works -
i need to generate a dsa key, NOT an rsa key
and if i want to ssh into the nokia unit, the correct file is authorized_keys.

now that i'm looking it's right there in the wiki:

(the 'note' about keys is the stickler)

thanks - i must have glossed over, this technicality of rsa vs dsa is
a little arcane to me.
best, christine

4.4. Generate a dsa-key for outgoing connections
As user, generate a dsa key for outgoing connections

ssh-keygen -t dss -f /home/user/.ssh/id_dsa
The above command will output your public key to the tty, but does not
save it. Capture the whole key (up to, but not including, the
fingerprint:...) in your desktop's terminal, save it to a file called
id_dsa.pub and scp that file to /usr/home/.ssh/id_dsa.pub on your 770
(optional). More importantly, append that key to
~/.ssh/authorized_keys on any machine you want to ssh into from the

Now, you should be able to open the x-terminal on the 770, and just
type ssh me at example.com and you will be ssh'ed in. Similarly, you can
scp file me at example.com:file. You can turn off the
PasswordAuthentication: yes flag in sshd_config that you set in the
above step.

4.5. A note about keys
The Dropbear ssh daemon seems to only accept RSA keys for incoming ssh
connections. However, it can use DSA for outgoing keys, which the
example above shows.

On 5/19/06, Dave Smith <dave.g.smith at gmail.com> wrote:
> ssh is picky not only on the permissions of ~/.ssh, but also ~  Check that
> it is no more permissive than 755
> On 19/05/06, Christine Liu < liuliuliu at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> hey all -
> so i have dropkey everything and im attempting to do key generation so
> i can ssh from my 770 into my laptop without a password prompt.
> i'm root...
> i do
> ssh-keygen -t rsa -f /root/.ssh/id_rsa
> it generates and does its thing. i copy the public key output and save
> it as id_rsa.pub. i then scp this to my laptop's .ssh authorized keys
> file. after that i try:
> Nokia770-51:~/.ssh# scp id_rsa.pub ME at LAPTOP:~/.ssh/authorized_keys2
> WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-x'
> WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oForwardAgent no'
> WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oClearAllForwardings yes'
> Failed loading keyfile '/root/.ssh/id_dsa'
> Password:
> so not only does it still prompt me, i have some sort of failure. i
> believe all my permissions are set correctly, but perhaps i'm
> mistaken. anyone have a suggestion?
> thankee! christine
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