[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] maemo + pygame + SDL

From: Christine Liu liuliuliu at gmail.com
Date: Sat May 20 23:35:26 EEST 2006
hi all-

i sent this to the pymaemo ppl (one address bounced) but thought i'd
throw this out there in case anyone had similar experiences or

i'm having weird errors with loading images on pymaemo through pygame.
it's completely nondeterministic -- i have run this many times without
fail, but on occasion (the same program running) it spits out the
pygame.error: Error reading from datastream

basically it comes when i ask it to load an image file (which exists).
if the file did not exist it'd say something like 'file 'foo' does not

i've googled 'Error reading from datastream' and have paltry pickin's
(there are like five results), and i am guessing it comes from
SDL_EFREAD. however, i google that and get pretty much nothing.
perhaps something weird with pygame / SDL / pymaemo?

so is it something with strange things with flash memory? is there a
way to prevent this? i have no idea why this error occurs - sometimes
and sometimes not.

thanks! christine

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