[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: rebooting constantly after upgrading packages

From: Michael Flaig mflaig at mozilla-center.de
Date: Fri Sep 1 00:49:14 EEST 2006
Hi Sebastian,

you probably got me wrong on the first part ... I agree with you. Just wanted to point out that in my opinion there is no official support for xterm + apt-get with mistral. With application installer this problem doesn´t happen, because it doesn't update system packages only apps.

I also agree with you that maemo should be more debian-like and debian tools should work flawlessly...

What I know of this problem and fixes, so far...
1) the problem with upgrading a running maemo-launcher seems to be fixed in sardine
2) I have not read anything new of the gstreamer issue, which seem to cause these reboot cycles, too.
3) So far no information what this gstramer module which you need to remove does

You wrote that you didn´t enable rd mode: How did you apt-get then? I´m thought that apt-get is only available for root (sudo gainroot) and not for the user. becomeroot package? Do I miss anything?

I've put the N770 in rd mode since IT2006 beta, so I could be wrong.

Oh and just a hint: I installed some packages from unofficial repos (but listed in the wiki) that seemed to have broken the dpkg status file on my 770. Quickest way to fix this was making backup and reflashing :-( .o(Note to myself: You need to verify this ...)



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Michael Flaig wrote:
> afaik apt-get upgrading isn´t meant for consumers.
> Remember, you read the info about rd mode and breaking the device ...

I would agree with your assessment if I were running sardine. I would
expect frequent breakages and I would expect that I would have to figure
out the source of these on my own. However, I am only running the
"stable" repositories so far. So compare that to debian (on which this
thing is based): If I update the stable distribution and it breaks for a
lot of people, wouldn't you expect someone to upgrade/revert that
package? As simple apt-get upgrade should be expected by users who are
told this thing is debian based.

As for rd-mode: I haven't enabled it, so I guess i am still within the
reach of what you would expect of regular (power-)consumers. Heck, that
tableteer website even advertizes the additional programs from the
repositories, so I guess consumers are supposed to install and update stuff!

> But I absolutly agree that these packages need to be removed or fixed.
> Hopefully someone at nokia will do it for us.

We are on the same side on this one :-)


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