[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: rebooting constantly after upgrading packages

From: Andrey Khurri andrey.khurri at hiit.fi
Date: Fri Sep 1 09:31:41 EEST 2006

It is interesting to see that a post initiated by me due to cycle reboot 
after upgrading has grew into such a big thread. It seems that this 
problem has been experienced by a lot of people and has annoyed them. 
This is true.

I absolutely agree that either using Application Manager or apt-get tool 
to upgrade the system must NOT brake it at any point.
As for apt-get and consumers I believe that this command tool is pretty 
nice to use in a Debian like system and it is meant for end users as 
well as any graphical package manager.

Some notes on rd-mode see below...

Michael Flaig wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> you probably got me wrong on the first part ... I agree with you. Just wanted to point out that in my opinion there is no official support for xterm + apt-get with mistral. With application installer this problem doesn´t happen, because it doesn't update system packages only apps.
> I also agree with you that maemo should be more debian-like and debian tools should work flawlessly...
> What I know of this problem and fixes, so far...
> 1) the problem with upgrading a running maemo-launcher seems to be fixed in sardine
> 2) I have not read anything new of the gstreamer issue, which seem to cause these reboot cycles, too.
> 3) So far no information what this gstramer module which you need to remove does
> You wrote that you didn´t enable rd mode: How did you apt-get then? I´m thought that apt-get is only available for root (sudo gainroot) and not for the user. becomeroot package? Do I miss anything?

Using apt-get needs root privileges, that is right. However, if you are 
using 'sudo gainroot' you might and should disable rd-mode after editing 
/usr/sbin/gainroot file (in order to get 'sudo gainroot' working later 
without rd-mode) as HOWTO proposed 

Myself I am using 'sudo su' (the easier way to get root access) and this 
is working ok for me http://maemo.org/maemowiki/HowDoiBecomeRoot2

> I've put the N770 in rd mode since IT2006 beta, so I could be wrong.
> Oh and just a hint: I installed some packages from unofficial repos (but listed in the wiki) that seemed to have broken the dpkg status file on my 770. Quickest way to fix this was making backup and reflashing :-( .o(Note to myself: You need to verify this ...)
> Cheers,
> Michael


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