[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: rebooting constantly after upgrading packages

From: Rainer Dorsch rdorsch at web.de
Date: Fri Sep 1 10:26:37 EEST 2006

Am Freitag, 1. September 2006 08:31 schrieb Andrey Khurri:
> Hello,
> It is interesting to see that a post initiated by me due to cycle reboot
> after upgrading has grew into such a big thread. It seems that this
> problem has been experienced by a lot of people and has annoyed them.
> This is true.

True for me too.

> I absolutely agree that either using Application Manager or apt-get tool
> to upgrade the system must NOT brake it at any point.
> As for apt-get and consumers I believe that this command tool is pretty
> nice to use in a Debian like system and it is meant for end users as
> well as any graphical package manager.

I appreciate that apt-get is there. It allows me to login into the device from 
my PC and work with the device like I am used to from debian or ubuntu boxes.


> Some notes on rd-mode see below...
> Michael Flaig wrote:
> > Hi Sebastian,
> >
> > you probably got me wrong on the first part ... I agree with you. Just
> > wanted to point out that in my opinion there is no official support for
> > xterm + apt-get with mistral. With application installer this problem
> > doesn´t happen, because it doesn't update system packages only apps.
> >
> > I also agree with you that maemo should be more debian-like and debian
> > tools should work flawlessly...
> >
> > What I know of this problem and fixes, so far...
> > 1) the problem with upgrading a running maemo-launcher seems to be fixed
> > in sardine 2) I have not read anything new of the gstreamer issue, which
> > seem to cause these reboot cycles, too. 3) So far no information what
> > this gstramer module which you need to remove does
> >
> > You wrote that you didn´t enable rd mode: How did you apt-get then? I´m
> > thought that apt-get is only available for root (sudo gainroot) and not
> > for the user. becomeroot package? Do I miss anything?
> Using apt-get needs root privileges, that is right. However, if you are
> using 'sudo gainroot' you might and should disable rd-mode after editing
> /usr/sbin/gainroot file (in order to get 'sudo gainroot' working later
> without rd-mode) as HOWTO proposed
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/HowDoiBecomeRoot
> Myself I am using 'sudo su' (the easier way to get root access) and this
> is working ok for me http://maemo.org/maemowiki/HowDoiBecomeRoot2
> > I've put the N770 in rd mode since IT2006 beta, so I could be wrong.
> >
> > Oh and just a hint: I installed some packages from unofficial repos (but
> > listed in the wiki) that seemed to have broken the dpkg status file on my
> > 770. Quickest way to fix this was making backup and reflashing :-(
> > .o(Note to myself: You need to verify this ...)
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Michael
> Cheers,
> Andrey
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