[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Proposal for streamline maemo repositories

From: Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Date: Thu Sep 14 16:22:35 EEST 2006
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Devesh Kothari wrote:
> 1. To change the name of the "contrib" repository name to "extras"

I have no strong opinion on this one, either is fine.

>      - developers uploading to contrib should change their dput.cf to this:

 It would be great though if this repository would be used by more
garage projects for actually uploading current versions.

> 2. To move python stuff and xterm kind of applications from current
>    maemo2.0 "free" TO,
>    free component in http://repository.maemo.org/extra/mistral/free
>    Reasons
>      - To streamline repository contents ("free") to include mostly
> components
>        on the device and their development dependendencies

This all sounds great.

However what I am still missing in this proposal is a clear definition
of what repository is supposed to do what and to contain what type of


- - what will come through the tableteer repositories? Critical system
updates, new functionality? http://catalogue.tableteer.nokia.com/certified/

- - http://repository.maemo.org/ Is this still only applicable for
scratchbox and not the 770? If this is not thought directly for the 770
why should the http://repository.maemo.org/contribs (to be renamed
extras) repository be for the 770? Also what will this contain if Maemo2
is considered a stable snapshot? System updates? New functionality?

- -  http://maemo-hackers.org/apt/ Is this a semi-official repository?


PS. On an off-topic side note: I apt-get updated the new
gstreamer-farsight plugin in the hope of reviving the audio/video-player
and no luck (>"Unable to perform this operation"). I seriously consider
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