[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Proposal for streamline maemo repositories

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc.szekely at nokia.com
Date: Fri Sep 15 17:48:59 EEST 2006

ext Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> However what I am still missing in this proposal is a clear definition
> of what repository is supposed to do what and to contain what type of
> apps/updates:
I will give it a try to express my views on these:

> E.g.
> - what will come through the tableteer repositories? Critical system
> updates, new functionality? http://catalogue.tableteer.nokia.com/certified/
AFAIK the plan is to publish "certified" applications developed by
Nokia. At this moment I do not think that the Tableteer repo will be
used to host critical system updates, security updates etc. I might be
wrong on this, though, so I would welcome if someone from the tableteer
repo maintainers would share their thoughts here.

> - http://repository.maemo.org/ Is this still only applicable for
> scratchbox and not the 770? 
Well, the address above is only a URL :) We started to host SDK
repositories here which are only meant to be used in/with Scratchbox.
Like the mistral repo, it was never meant to be used as device upgrading
as we have stated earlier. Our message was perhaps not clear enough and
that is why the SDK repositories became the source repos of device
upgrades recently.

We are investigating how could we extend our internal r&d and support
devices upgrade from the SDK repos. It is not a simple thing to achieve
and we should not be so irresponsible in this team to state that "yes,
the maemo SDK repositories will never brake your tablets"...

>If this is not thought directly for the 770
> why should the http://repository.maemo.org/contribs (to be renamed
> extras) repository be for the 770? Also what will this contain if Maemo2
> is considered a stable snapshot? System updates? New functionality?
When we opened garage we thought to __provide__ a chance for maemo
developers to upload their apps and share them with the rest of the
community. It is obvious that most of the maemo hackers do not want toi
maintain a Debian repo on their own. It would not make sense anyway. So
we just opened the "contrib" repository and we invite developers
(through garage) to join and share their stuff here.

We wanted to do it fast and did not think about the name too much.
Whether it is professional or not, I do not want to discuss it. I
believe it is a good initiative and the name should not matter for
serious people.

Maemo contrib or -if we all agree- extras is meant for extra
applications or any other piece of software that is hosted at garage.

I am not aware of any "Maemo2", so can not comment on it.

> -  http://maemo-hackers.org/apt/ Is this a semi-official repository?
We have no connection to this repository, so from our stand point it is
not even semi official. Would be nice to consolidate these efforts, but
that's one of the beauty in OSS: everybody is free to do almost anything
and I -personally like this a lot. So, I do not mind having 100s of
maemo repos around the globe. Time will tell which are the useful ones
and maybe some day the repo maintainers will start talking to each other ;)

Hope the things I wrote made some sense. If not, then please let me know.

Have a nice weekend,

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