[maemo-developers] Hildon Desktop Plugin Howto

From: Lucas Rocha lucas.rocha at nokia.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 18:05:18 EEST 2007
Hi Maemo heroes!

For those brave developers who are using Sardine[1] to use/test/develop
the bleeding edge Maemo stuff, this post is for you. :-)

I wrote a howto for writing C plugins for Hildon Desktop with the new
GTypeModule-based API. All plugin types (Task Navigator, Status Bar and
Home) are covered.

For those other super-brave developers who are building Hildon Desktop
outside Scratchbox[2], it's a good oportunity for you too to test our
plugin system and give some feedback, send patches, and report bugs. The
howto is available at: 


Go Go Go!


[1] http://sardine.garage.maemo.org/
[2] http://maemo.org/maemowiki/HildonDesktopPortability

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