[maemo-developers] IT2007 Hacker Edition - First impression

From: Álvaro J. Iradier airadier at gmail.com
Date: Sun Apr 8 02:44:48 EEST 2007
Hi, after following the thread about no bug fixing in Nokia 770, I
decided to download and try it2007 "hacker edition"[1]. I think it's
worth trying, and I hope development is not discontinued, it looks
quite promising.

First time I installed it, It detected a previous backup was in the
MMC card and offered to restore it. Not a good idea! Apparently
network settings, bookmars, etc were restored correctly. However the
virtual input didn't work at all. The virtual keyboard or handwriting
pad didn't display at all. Reflashing again and skipping the restore
backup step fixed this problem.

The IT 2007 seems faster and more responsive than the 2006 version,
which was surprising, being it backported from a device with faster
cpu and more RAM.

There are many small improvements in the system that are worth the
update, like the bluetooth keyboard support, file sending/receiving
over bluetooth, the new control panel, or being able to resize the
desktop applets.

First big surprise was browsing "about:" in Opera. It shows Opera
version is 8.02. (wasn't it Opera 7 in 2006?). They I browsed to
Youtube, and another big surprise. Youtube didn't complain about Flash
player version, and video started to play with audio only!! The video
remained black, or noisy sometimes, and it was quite unstable. It made
Opera crash a few times. However, I didn't expect this at all!!

About things not working, the IT2007 Media Player didn't work at all.
I wasn't able to play any videos (even the demo video shipped with
IT2007) or mp3 files. I installed mplayer from the n800 repositories,
and it didn't work either, so I'll try to install the 770 version.

I might be wrong, but could the mplayer / flash video / Nokia Media
Player problems be related to the video driver or similar? Does the
N800 support XVideo extension, and are these apps trying to use it?

I tried some other applications from Bora repositories, like VNC,
rdesktop or the GPE suite, and they worked perfect. Others, like
mplayer or maemo-mapper didn't work fine. The Gizmo package for N800
worked well too.

I installed some 770 applications and worked fine, but I wasn't able
to install Xournal from the .deb file because it complained about the
"package being not compatible with current software"

This makes me wonder... what makes an application work in N800 but not
in 770? How much are they binary compatible? And what about installing
770 applications in IT2007 hacker edition? If we add repositories for
both Bora and for Mistral/Scirocco, what version of the application
will be preferred and installed by the application manager? (for
example, I'm going to install the 770 version of mplayer)

Finally, the it2007 version takes up some more storage space than
it2006. It's about 90MB once installed, so you get about 36MB free for
installing new apps. The memory usage seems bigger than IT2006 too,
but these are not surprising facts.

Can other people that are using IT2007 hacker edition share their
comments and impressions?


[1] http://os2007on770.garage.maemo.org/

  Alvaro J. Iradier Muro - airadier at gmail.com

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