[maemo-developers] x11vnc no response to taps on left of screen

From: Larry Battraw lbattraw at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 10 16:24:03 EEST 2007
  Just to chime in here, I have noticed the behavior mentioned, that
clicks don't register for "application" button and so forth.  I
believe it's because of the special behavior introduced to allow
thumb/finger navigation; there's got to be a lower-level interface to
tslib vs the normal xinput methods.  Thus, if something isn't actually
touching the screen it doesn't register due to this requirement for
additional/special behavior.  I'm sure it could be worked around to
allow simulated clicks to register but that would require somebody to
actually do the work ;-)


On 4/10/07, Kalle Valo <Kalle.Valo at nokia.com> wrote:
> "ext Mike Cowlishaw" <mfc at acm.org> writes:
> >> And what do you mean by dropping? Does UI inform that connection is
> >> disconnected or is the WLAN connections just "jammed", ie. no data is
> >> transferred?
> >
> > It's the VNC client-server connection that drops, not necessarily the WLAN.
> Ah, it's an application issue? I was worried that it's a problem in
> the WLAN driver.
> --
> Kalle Valo

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