[maemo-developers] x11vnc no response to taps on left of screen

From: Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Date: Tue Apr 10 22:35:00 EEST 2007
Kalle Valo wrote:

> "ext Mike Cowlishaw" <mfc at acm.org> writes:
>>> And what do you mean by dropping? Does UI inform that connection is
>>> disconnected or is the WLAN connections just "jammed", ie. no data is
>>> transferred?
>> It's the VNC client-server connection that drops, not necessarily the
>> WLAN.
> Ah, it's an application issue? I was worried that it's a problem in
> the WLAN driver.

I don't think it's safe to conclude yet that it isn't a problem in the WLAN
driver.  I have not used VNC today.  Four times so far I have observed that
my ssh stops working after a period of inactivity.  At that point, the N800
no longer responds to a ping.  That's three applications that stop working. 
The N800 says that it is still connected to the network and the IP address
is unchanged.  Disconnecting and reconnecting always gets the connection to
work again.  However, I just observed ping getting restored without
Jeffrey Barish

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