[maemo-developers] N770 OS2007 hacker edition made it to the title page of Linux Weekly News

From: pancake pancake at youterm.com
Date: Thu Apr 12 15:25:38 EEST 2007
>   2) [Nokia] Update the Os2007on770 page, or the garage project, with a
>              build system and documentation which (preferably) outputs the
>              current FIASCO image from a series of source components (or,
>              where necessary, closed source binary blobs).
>              This step needs to include how OS2007on770 can be updated when
>              later OS2007 releases are made for the N800.

I wish to be able to have free updates for the nokia in a free format. When I
say "free" I say "free as software, not as beer". So distributing the firmwares
in the FIASCO format is weird so it's a propietary/privative format and for me
all the privative components of the rootfs should be removed or replaced by
free software. 

The only required parts to install OS2k7 is kernel, initfs and rootfs, so the
blobloader still out of these components and can be freely distributed.

BTW I can't understand why follow hacking on blobs when we should be able to
build our own maemo rootfs's.

This way will be safer, because upgrading the blobloader is dangerous (because
of version incompatibilities, no source, and it's the more harmful piece of the fw)

>   5) [Community] Improve stability. Track N800 releases. Get to an end-user
>                  ready state and polish build systems and processes.

For me Os2007On770 is more stable, usable, faster and lightweight than the latest
SU2k6 firmware on n770. 

> Yes, this requires some more work on the part of Nokia - but to be
> honest, did anyone there think another binary-only image for the 770
> was really going to cut-it? The problem may only be one of perception
> and that all the bits are available, but I certainly think it'd help
> recover some of the widening PR negativity which is out there.

I was really unhappy when nokia decided to abandon n770 after a year. I know
that nokia is a company,and n770 was just a commercial strategy/social experiment
to later publish a new device with better features.

But please Nokia. If you abandon your childrens, please, provide us enought
info to keep them updated by the community.

/me wishes :)


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