[maemo-developers] N770 OS2007 hacker edition made it to the title page of Linux Weekly News

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Thu Apr 12 15:36:35 EEST 2007
On 4/12/07, pancake <pancake at youterm.com> wrote:
> I wish to be able to have free updates for the nokia in a free format.
> When I say "free" I say "free as software, not as beer". So distributing
> the firmwares in the FIASCO format is weird so it's a
> propietary/privative format and for me all the privative components of
> the rootfs should be removed or replaced by free software.

Agreed, and with the start of 0xFFFF (how many Fs? ;-)) it's less
important to get FIASCO images out: it certainly would give a
community-driven OS2007on770 project flexibility.

However, I'd still advocate in the short term that an ability to
generate FIASCO images is important:

  1) there's a pretty Windows GUI for it already
  2) 0xFFFF isn't necessarily mature enough yet.

However, I'd imagine in time the OS2007on770 project would start
shipping tarballs containing bzImage, initfs.img, rootfs.img (say) and
use 0xFFFF - with knowledge of these tarballs - to upgrade all the
components (or just the changed components) in one go.

A more laudable aim if OS2007on770 starts forking off from Nokia's IT
releases would be apt-gettable upgrades (but let's file that under
"Long Term Goals" ;-)).



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