[maemo-developers] x11vnc no response to taps on left of screen

From: Acadia Secure Networks acadiasecurenets at aol.com
Date: Sun Apr 8 05:20:46 EEST 2007

are you certain that the VNC problem you are experiencing is causing the 
802.11 to be dropped? I also use VNC and experience the problem of the 
left hand side of the virtual screen not responding to  mouse clicks. I 
am using Tightvnc as the VNC client running on Windows XP SP2. However, 
I do not experience loss of the 802.11 connection due to inactivity of 
the VNC connection.

Best Regards,


John Holmblad


Acadia Secure Networks


jeff_barish at earthlink.net wrote:
> Well, I finally got something to work.  I was getting pretty discouraged.  I
> installed x11vnc and connected to it with Krdc.  I get a nice display of
> the N800 desktop and I can tap on most things and get an appropriate
> response.  However, when I tap on items on the left side of the screen (in
> the task navigation area) such as the globe, nothing happens.  Also, the
> N800 has an annoying habit of dropping the WiFi connection because it is
> not detecting any taps on the screen.  I wonder whether connecting with
> usbnet would be a good way to avoid the latter problem.
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