[maemo-developers] gtk-server quick test

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Tue Apr 17 13:53:12 EEST 2007

I guess I need to create blog, this is typical material for it :-)

After the discussion about language bindings here in the list I finally 
tried gtk-server. It compiles fine in scratchbox but needs ffcall 
(available in debian).

Good news is that it runs fine (at least on os2007on770) and startup 
speed is quite good even on n770. Both the simple demo with one button 
and a bit more complex calculator example using glade starts in approx. 
1 second :-)

This is perfectly usable for small shell hacks that don't need full 
python and pygtk. In fact it can be used in python without pygtk too. 
Startup speed is worse then from shell but still better than with pygtk.

Here is quick hack including compiled libffcall deb an few examples.

Binaries were build in bora taget so probably you need device with 
IT2007 too. For quick test extract it, install the deb and go to 
gtk-server directory at try to run the demo and calculator scripts. Demo 
in python obviously needs python :-)

Yo can also install menu shortcut for demo calculator via 
./install_shortcut.sh (sudo gainroot needed) and try it from menu. 
Startup speed is similar/same to default calculator tool.

Unless there is some major problem with gtk-server (like inability to 
use methods with pointers) this looks pretty usable and worth packaging.


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