[maemo-developers] gtk-server quick test

From: pancake pancake at youterm.com
Date: Wed Apr 18 13:08:57 EEST 2007

I was thinking on this port few time ago. I find it very useful, so it
can be used together with menush:


menush is a bunch of shellscripts and a minimal terminal handler for
creating menu entries and program launchers from command line for the
n770/n800 (use the arrow keys).

Have fun.


> Hello,
> I guess I need to create blog, this is typical material for it :-)
> After the discussion about language bindings here in the list I finally
> tried gtk-server. It compiles fine in scratchbox but needs ffcall
> (available in debian).
> Good news is that it runs fine (at least on os2007on770) and startup
> speed is quite good even on n770. Both the simple demo with one button
> and a bit more complex calculator example using glade starts in approx.
> 1 second :-)
> This is perfectly usable for small shell hacks that don't need full
> python and pygtk. In fact it can be used in python without pygtk too.
> Startup speed is worse then from shell but still better than with pygtk.
> Here is quick hack including compiled libffcall deb an few examples.
> http://fanoush.wz.cz/maemo/gtk-server.tgz
> Binaries were build in bora taget so probably you need device with
> IT2007 too. For quick test extract it, install the deb and go to
> gtk-server directory at try to run the demo and calculator scripts. Demo
> in python obviously needs python :-)
> Yo can also install menu shortcut for demo calculator via
> ./install_shortcut.sh (sudo gainroot needed) and try it from menu.
> Startup speed is similar/same to default calculator tool.
> Unless there is some major problem with gtk-server (like inability to
> use methods with pointers) this looks pretty usable and worth packaging.
> Frantisek

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