[maemo-developers] Sponsoring Maemo packages into Debian

From: Guillem Jover guillem at debian.org
Date: Tue Apr 17 15:49:53 EEST 2007

Now that the maemo-gtk and hildon situation is in a way better shape
(thanks to the great efforts of the desktop team, which have reduced
the gtk delta between maemo and upstream), I'd like to offer package
sponsoring for the core of the libraries (for now) into debian.

So, my conditions:

 * might have time to mentor.
 * the sponsoring will be strict (maybe a bit more than my usual
   sponsoring standards).
 * no interest in anything that might go outside main.
 * no interest in actual maintainership.

And of course anything uploaded to debian will end up eventually being
in ubuntu, even if it might not get the same support.

My hope is that this, combined with the debian armel port might reduce
the massive forking proliferation that can be seen in maemo right now,
and also make maemo more neutral.


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