[maemo-developers] Boot bora as root

From: Paul Klapperich maemo.org at bobpaul.org
Date: Tue Apr 17 18:50:47 EEST 2007
Whatever is launching X is going to be what tells it the user to run the
graphical environment as. On a desktop it's GDM, XDM, or KDM. Poke around in
/etc/init.d/ and figure out which one it is, and then on a desktop linux
system or using google figure out what you need to do for automatic user
login for the system in place. Since this is an embedded system, it could be
something as simple as setting the SUID of some binary and changing that
binary from owner user to owner root. I'd do more poking around on my own,
but my device has been boot locked for a week or so and I haven't had time
to repair it.

There's also a chance that because of how things are constructed what you're
trying to do is simply not feasible, or at least non-trivial. Mind if I ask
why it is you need to be running as the root user? There could be some
simplier hacks--like making the file manager run as root--that would
accomplish the same thing your trying to do. Oh, and also, "you shouldn't
run as root." ;)


On 4/17/07, Chris Taylor <chtaylo4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was wondering if someone could give me a little guidance on getting
> bora on the N800 to boot as root.
> I've tried the following:
> <ugly>  giving user a uid/gid of 0/0
> editing the init scripts to run as root/root and the gui as root/root
> also tried systemui/root
> loading the developer fs (thougth for sure that would boot as root)
> If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreicate it.
> And just to starve off the 'you shouldn't run as root' arguement  ....
> yes I realize that ... but I want to so let's not argue the merits of
> not running as root.
> what I'd really like is a login ....
> Thank you for your time and help.
> Respectfully,
> Christopher Taylor
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