[maemo-developers] Boot bora as root

From: Chris Taylor chtaylo4 at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 17 21:10:03 EEST 2007
> Whatever is launching X is going to be what tells it the user to run the
> graphical environment as.

That was my assumption also. I changed the occurances of use/users
(one occurance of systemui/users) to root/root in the init scripts
(and in a few places in /etc/osso-af-init) ...so I thought that would
have worked ... turns out I forgot to set the home path as well ....
so I changed out all the references to /home/user to /home/root and
made a symlink from /home/root to point to /root .... I then copied
over (without overwrite) all the /home/user/.<stuff> over to root's
home dir ....

I'm booting as root now

I hope my little set of pathetic instructions above helps people out
in the future who want to boot as root.

If there's demand, and the os dev team doesn't object ... I can post
something onto the mameo wiki ... what say everyone?


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