[maemo-developers] N800 experimental host mode patches available

From: tony at atomide.com tony at atomide.com
Date: Fri Apr 20 19:28:45 EEST 2007

* Andreas Hubel <andi at saerdnaer.de> [070420 14:56]:
> do you or somebody else here know if the 770 also has this host
> detection via the ID pin feature?

I don't think it has, but you can try it out yourself and see if you
get an interrupt. The handling would be in drivers/cbus/tahvo-usb.c.

> And why does the USB chip of the N800 don't need this 5V from external?
> I thougt it also need it, because there is only 3V and no 3 to 5V
> converter inside the device.

That's because N800 has the tps65030 chip to generate VBUS.



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