[maemo-developers] Need a help --- osso-xterm running problem in scratchbox

From: chetan nanda chetanknanda at yahoo.co.in
Date: Tue Apr 24 15:55:30 EEST 2007

This is chetan.I am new to the maemo and i have developed one console based programs of simple threads its works fine in linux and now i want to run same program in maemo. So  i have installed osso-xterm package in scratchbox and got the X terminal option in maemo's "Extras" menu.

Now whenever i click that  x terminal option .  its lauches the x terminal and within a fraction it disappears. and the foolowing error shows on the screen.

maemo_af_desktop[4647]: We could not read lowmem page
execl: No such file or directory
execl: No such file or directory

I searched everywhere and try all possible solution but still i am not able to sort out this problem.

so can anyone  help me to sort out this problem

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