[maemo-developers] Need a help --- osso-xterm running problem in scratchbox

From: Janne Johansson janne.johansson at movial.fi
Date: Tue Apr 24 16:31:13 EEST 2007
On ti, 2007-04-24 at 13:55 +0100, ext chetan nanda wrote:
> Now whenever i click that  x terminal option .  its lauches the x
> terminal and within a fraction it disappears. and the foolowing error
> shows on the screen.
> maemo_af_desktop[4647]: We could not read lowmem page
> stats.
> execl: No such file or directory
> execl: No such file or directory
> I searched everywhere and try all possible solution but still i am not
> able to sort out this problem.

osso-xterm wants to access /bin/sh directly but it is not available in
Maemo 3.0 SDK as it is provided by the Debian devkit. You can either
install bash that provides /bin/sh or create a symlink that points to
the sh found in scratchbox.

Janne Johansson

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