[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: GLIBC_2.4

From: Guillem Jover guillem.jover at nokia.com
Date: Thu Feb 1 11:34:51 EET 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 10:27:33 -0500, Amy Sockanathan wrote:
> On 1/30/07, Amy Sockanathan wrote:
> > I am having a problem where it says "GLIBC_2.4" not defined and I saw
> > that the scratchbox compilers in maemo are 2.3.6 and I need 2.4. Is
> > there anyway to upgrade libc. Any help is much appreciated.

Given the lack of more detail I'll assume that with GLIBC_2.4 your error
is referring to a versioned symbol. If so, glibc should be providing that

> Can someone please let me know how I cna upgrade libc in the maemo
> scratchbox from 2.3.6 to 2.4. This is a road-block for me.

[sbox-armel: ~] > objdump -p /lib/libc.so.6 | sed -ne '/^Version/,/^priv/p'
Version definitions:
1 0x01 0x0865f4e6 libc.so.6
2 0x00 0x0d696914 GLIBC_2.4
3 0x00 0x0963cf85 GLIBC_PRIVATE

Version References:
  required from ld-linux.so.3:
    0x0963cf85 0x00 05 GLIBC_PRIVATE
    0x0d696914 0x00 04 GLIBC_2.4
private flags = 4000002: [Version4 EABI] [has entry point]
[sbox-armel: ~] >

Without more information it's difficult to help you, please provide the
complete error message.


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