[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] New list spin-off?

From: Andy Mulhearn unxmully at mac.com
Date: Wed Feb 7 10:47:50 EET 2007
 Sounds like a reasonable set of conclusions to me and gets my vote.

The replyto discussion has been going for the best part of a year so it would be good to put a stake through that one's heart,

On Wednesday, February 07, 2007, at 07:01AM, <quim.gil at nokia.com> wrote:
>Thanks for the feedback. Still not 100 responses ;) but definitely we
>have a wider opinion now.
>New iteration:
>- No new list created.
>- Current lists are not renamed.
>- Flags in the subject are wiped out.
>- Reply-To is kept as it is.
>- maemo-developers is for... developers hacking either applications or
>the platform, plus any misc topic around the development platform.
>Community moderation is encouraged to ensure the list stays on topic.
>- maemo-users is for power users trying to use / tweak / install stuff
>that is not officially supported by Nokia but relies in the maemo
>platform. Community moderation is encouraged to ensure the list stays on
>- Additional active lists with a specialized development focus hosted in
>maemo's Garage are advertised at
>- It is out of the scope of maemo.org to provide support to Internet
>Tablet pure users. There is the official documentation, there is
>Tableteer, there is also the unofficial but very useful
>http://www.internettablettalk.com/ forum. We reckon there is a gap here
>but our focus in maemo is development and innovation. We won't punish ;)
>pure end-users asking in maemo-users, but answering those questions is
>not a priority for the maemo community.
>Quim Gil
>Maemo team
>maemo-developers mailing list
>maemo-developers at maemo.org

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