[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Problems installing Scratchbox

From: Andy Mulhearn unxmully at mac.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 16:53:06 EET 2007
This weekend I decided to brush up my meagre developer skills, starting by seeing if I could build one of the hello world style apps to run on my N800. Unfortunately it proved to be an almost completely fruitless exercise, other than providing me with a working Debian installation in a Parallels VM and 10 hours entertainment over the weekend.

What happened on both Debian 3.1 and Ubuntu Edgy was that the installation process - using the maemo installer script or installing from .deb manually - appeared to work correctly except that I ended up missing af-sb-init.sh. So the whole thing come to an grinding halt at that point.

Can anyone suggest a resolution?

As an aside , installing xephyr on Debian from unstable seems to be a complete non-starter without ripping out all of your other x apps and windowing system and a replacing a whole host of other packages as well. So I tried XNest instead which has the benefit of being installable and working. Unfortunately not being able to find ab-sh-init.sh renders this all a bit redundant.

Interestingly Xephyr installs fine on Edgy.

I also found that the installation script fails on debian when trying to add the scratchbox user if the user is already a valid unix user. Well duh! It doesn't look to me like it causes any problems - it's the last step in the process - but even so, does it imply I should be sticking to Ubuntu?

Andy Mulhearn

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