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From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Feb 15 11:56:12 EET 2007
Don't you think I had forgotten this interesting email.

I will look at our prototyping processes, first of all to learn more
about them. 

Even from outside Nokia it's easy to realize the differences between
OLPC and Nokia processes. OLPC shows the hardware integration as part of
their strategy. Nokia hides this process and considers it a trade
secret, as part of the strategy as well. The organizations and the
contexts are very different.

However, I agree there is a scope of improvement. 

The main path to progress is to provide information relevant to
developers as soon as possible, via roadmap and making our best
releasing non-stable software and documentation via sardine/herring and
maemo beta versions. This is a way open to everybody, and the closest
methodology we have to develop in a purely open source fashion. 

Signing NDAs to get hardware before a product launch is not a simple
task. Who, how and why? Finding excellent answers to these questions is
a necessary first step before discussing anything.

On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 17:48 +0530, ext Komal Shah wrote:
> There is a scope of improvement here. For example, lets assume that
> Nokia is working on 3rd generation of IT, based on next TI OMAP _or_
> any other platform of choice. As per the project hw cycle, it won't
> come directly built as prototype to work on, it will have phase in
> which there will be bare custom board, with serial port debug board,
> few leds and JTAG connector to facilliate debugging. Here Nokia can
> provide this custom boards to early system developers (including
> kernel people of their choice and app. guys) to start working based on
> their interest. I am sure they are (including me) ready to sign NDA
> for that purpose. I hope you know that similar model was used in case
> of OLPC.

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