[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Detecting N800 camera position

From: Janne Kataja janne.kataja at movial.fi
Date: Thu Feb 8 00:35:55 EET 2007
Zeeshan Ali wrote:
>  Fortunately, there are two very useful self-explainatory boolean
> gconf keys for these things:
> 1. /system/osso/af/camera-is-out
> 2. /system/osso/af/camera-has-turned
>  BTW, since it's gconf, you can set-up notification callback in your
> applications for these events to, in case you need that. Hope this
> helps!
> P.S There is a D-Bus way to do the same thing as well but i think
> gconf is much simpler to deal with as compared to D-Bus.

Thanks for the infos!

What would be needed to launch an application other than messenger when 
a camera-is-out event takes place? On garage project malomo [1] we've 
thought of making a control panel applet to choose between launching 
messenger or camera application.

[1] https://garage.maemo.org/projects/malomo

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