[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Detecting N800 camera position

From: Zeeshan Ali zeenix at gstreamer.net
Date: Thu Feb 8 10:41:36 EET 2007
Hey Janne!

> Thanks for the infos!

  No problem! :)

> What would be needed to launch an application other than messenger when
> a camera-is-out event takes place?

   I assume by messenger you mean the voip UI. The answer to your
question is, yes. All you have to deal with is this gconf key which is
a list of dbus-services that are to be launched when camera pops-out:
/system/osso/af/on-camera-out . Keep in mind thought that voip-ui also
adds/remove itself to/from this gconf key when user checks/unchecks
the "Start when camera opened" chechbox in the settings dialog.


Zeeshan Ali
Design Engineer, SW
Open Source Software Operations
Nokia Multimedia

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