[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Porting Qt to Maemo

From: Kate Alhola kate.alhola at nokia.com
Date: Fri Feb 9 13:26:35 EET 2007
ext Andrea Grandi wrote:
> Hello,
> today I did a little test with Qt and Maemo 2.2 SDK. I recompiled Qt
> 4.2.2 into the Scratchbox with maemo 2.2 installed and I was able to
> run a little Qt-HelloWorld inside the "emulator".
> I wonder if it would be possible to realize a real port of Qt into
> Maemo and make it run on Nokia 770/800.
> In my opinion this could be possible.
It is possible and done already. About most work was needed to integrate
existing hildon_im  . I can put my port to garage.maemo.org but i just need
to hear from someone from osso permission to put it with needed
hildon_im .h files
> We should strip out parts that are not necessary, for example:
> examples, documentation, headers and possibly other stuff like opengl,
> variuos db drivers ecc.... we should try to reduce the size the most
> we can.
And then you need input method support, support for  some default  maemo
Thing that i have at the moment missing is support for menus in standard
maemo menubar. It just looks little bit stupid having menus top of window.

> Once this is done, we could also write application using Qt/C++ and
> not only GTK/C.
> What do you think about this? Anyone is interested in this project and
> want to help me?
> Best regards,

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