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From: antikristian antikristian at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 9 13:38:44 EET 2007
I realize the advantage of having a full blown qt impementation to run  
qt-apps in maemo, Bu wouldn't this be doing something that has allready  
been done before; Porting qt to handheld devices? Is it possible to uuse  
qtopia somehow? maybe run qtopia apps ontop of maemo? Is there anything we  
can use from the qtopia project?

On Fri, 09 Feb 2007 12:26:35 +0100, Kate Alhola <kate.alhola at nokia.com>  

> ext Andrea Grandi wrote:
>> Hello,
>> today I did a little test with Qt and Maemo 2.2 SDK. I recompiled Qt
>> 4.2.2 into the Scratchbox with maemo 2.2 installed and I was able to
>> run a little Qt-HelloWorld inside the "emulator".
>> I wonder if it would be possible to realize a real port of Qt into
>> Maemo and make it run on Nokia 770/800.
>> In my opinion this could be possible.
> It is possible and done already. About most work was needed to integrate
> with
> existing hildon_im  . I can put my port to garage.maemo.org but i just  
> need
> to hear from someone from osso permission to put it with needed
> hildon_im .h files
>> We should strip out parts that are not necessary, for example:
>> examples, documentation, headers and possibly other stuff like opengl,
>> variuos db drivers ecc.... we should try to reduce the size the most
>> we can.
> And then you need input method support, support for  some default  maemo
> keys.
> Thing that i have at the moment missing is support for menus in standard
> maemo menubar. It just looks little bit stupid having menus top of  
> window.
> Kate
>> Once this is done, we could also write application using Qt/C++ and
>> not only GTK/C.
>> What do you think about this? Anyone is interested in this project and
>> want to help me?
>> Best regards,
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Kristian Alvestad

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