[maemo-developers] Natural language - finnish?

From: Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at arkki.info
Date: Mon Feb 19 20:08:43 EET 2007
Hi list,

In Maemo there are page for natural language (english, french, german, 
spanish). For example I have translated gpesummary in finnish 
(translation is already in release 0.6). Gpesummary is listed in german 
page, but there are no finnish page for that:


I have also just translated gpe-calendar, gpe-todo and gpe-contacts in 
finnish, no page for them. You can use Canola in finnish and so on.

My question: How to create that finnish page for natural language?

I got account for Maemo.org, but I'm not developer of any kind.

Thank you for patience.

Best regards, Asmo Koskinen (asmok at maemo.org).

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