[maemo-developers] New project idea, pygtk questions, and a toolkit

From: Xan Lopez xan.lopez at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 19 20:18:30 EET 2007
I guess this list is not really the best place to post rants^Wcomments
about Python/GTK+ or PyGTK. AFAIK PyGTK is not even officially
supported by maemo. You could probably get much more insightful
comments in the pygtk mail list. But anyway, since some of your
comments are really about GTK+ and I'm somewhat involved into that...

On 2/19/07, Sean Luke <sean at cs.gmu.edu> wrote:
> - Why is there any distinction between events and signals?


> - There appears to be no hook for gtk.Paned to detect when the user
> is moving / has moved the divider bar.  This would seem to me to be
> the single most important hook.  The only option I've found online is
> to override the size change hook  Am I missing something?

The widget has a "position" property. You could ask to be notified
when that value changes?

> - How do you create a gtk.Slider which has ticks at 0, 3, 6, 9, ...?
> It appears that the mechanism provided for gtk.Slider (its
> "Adjustment" object) is pretty bad.  So far as I can tell, short of
> overriding the display mechanism, you can only get ticks which are
> powers of 10.  hildon.Controlbar looks better but has less
> functionality.  Is there another widget to use?
> - gtk.SpinButton is retarded.  It provides you with microscopic up/
> down buttons on top of each other to fit within the vertical space of
> a text field, when it _should_ be giving you large buttons side-by-
> side in the form of <- ->.  It can also only add or subtract, not
> double or halve.  hildon.NumberEditor only provides integers so far
> as I can tell, and only add/subtract.  Is there another widget to use?

Can't really help here, don't know the details of the first one and I
agree the spinner is a pretty crappy widget, so you might be better
off doing your own thing.

> - How do I move the text in a gtk.Frame vertically?   It's set too
> close to the frame and descenders (g,q,p,y,j) collide with the frame
> border in an ugly fashion.

If you want to control the vertical position of the GtkFrame title
with respect to the frame you want to use the label-yalign property.
All the properties and style properties of the widget are documented,
and combining them should allow you to have almost any effect you'd
like to show (believe me, I've tested pretty weird setups lately while
fixing a couple of bugs in GtkFrame).

Hope this helps, and good luck with your project.


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