[maemo-developers] dpkg: serious warning: files list .......

From: Visti Andresen talpa at galnet.dk
Date: Tue Feb 20 00:13:47 EET 2007
On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 21:55:52 +0200
Guillem Jover <guillem.jover at nokia.com> wrote:

> There's several problems with your package:
> * Do not hardcode the Depends for shared libraries, use a substvar.

I will have to look into what "substvar" is and how to use it.
But I remember seeing in a doc somewhere, so I'll go RTFM ing.

"man dpkg-buildpackage" seams helpful, looks like 
dpkg-shlibdeps is useful...
And in the control file I should write  Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}

It seems that I should still specify the Build-Depends

> * Why are you using a Pre-Depends?

maemopadplus used it... 
I did notice the "Read: don't use it at all." warning in DNMG
(Debian New Maintainers' Guide) regarding Pre-Depends.
However as it looked like a package that would enable the user to select the location,
I thought it might be necessary to have it as a "Pre-Depends"

Moving it to a Depends?
Will the Application manager handle a missing/unconfigured package 
and just not ask to a menu location (once I persuades it to actually ask)?

> * You should move the contents of the binary target to binary-arch, and
>   make binary depend on binary-arch and binary-indep.

I just created a empty file and filled in the rules that dpkg-buildpackage
seemed to want, I will move the binary to binary-arch.
This seems to be "the Debian way":

> * You could use a n770-fire.install file istead of the install calls in
>   debian/rules.

I will have to read up on that one as well.

> * This package will not build when provided as a source package as it's
>   not self contained, you are ascending two dirs up the hierarchy,
>   outside of what's provided in it.

The sources are located two levels up.
But I really should try to generate a multi-binary package.
I hear (from DNMG) that the vim source package is a good example of 
such a package. I still need to understand the actual way it works.
But it should allow me to have just one debian directory

At least this should allow the source package that
dpkg-buildpackage creates to be more that just empty.

> regards,
> guillem

Thank you for your time, it has been most helpful.

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